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Games categories

Children games
2manybugsGame: 2manybugs
Games mark: 9.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 7784 times
About the game: Use the mouse to circle with a line the ladybugs of the same color and capture them. To move to the next level you must remove all the ladybugs of the same color in available time. ...
aussiexmasGame: Aussiexmas
Games mark: 9.13 (by 24 granted)
Played by: 19104 times
Sport games
ultimatepingGame: Ultimateping
Games mark: 8.64 (by 11 granted)
Played by: 9358 times
RugbyGame: Rugby
Games mark: 6.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 5618 times
About the game: Rugby, a sport considered noble ... Use the mouse to direct the way you hit the ball. Be sure to keep in mind the wind. Then left click to run the power car ... When you reach the desired power, click ...
Small games
easter_eggsGame: Easter_eggs
Games mark: 4.73 (by 26 granted)
Played by: 33323 times
About the game: Using the keyboard arrows move the dog and catch the Easter eggs dropped by birds. ...
aibGame: Aib
Games mark: 9.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 5878 times
Barbie games
santas_sackGame: Santas_sack
Games mark: 6.9 (by 30 granted)
Played by: 45197 times
About the game: With the left button of the mouse fill Santa`s sack with gifts not to let the dwarfs fill it. Click on the dwarfs and you will see. ...
MountainBikeGame: MountainBike
Games mark: 9.48 (by 46 granted)
Played by: 14518 times
About the game: Pedal as fast as you can by the end of the racing. If you arrive by the time the energy ends, you can move to the next level. On your way collect the red pills and you get more energy. For controls us ...
Mahjongg games
plopsGame: Plops
Games mark: 5.75 (by 16 granted)
Played by: 9095 times
About the game: Click on the dot and it will throw two other dots into space. Click on them too, and they will do the same thing. The purpose of the game is to populated the space with as many balls as possible, with ...
mahjonggGame: Mahjongg
Games mark: 9.94 (by 2314 granted)
Played by: 11008 times
About the game: Mahjong is a classic game. Eliminate the plates with identical signs by clicking two by two. Hurry up, the clock is ticking. Beware only the free plates can be eliminated. ...
Action games
TestGame: Test
Games mark: 9 (by 1 granted)
Played by: 4293 times
About the game: Practice for the perfect shot! When you click, the balls goes towards the bowls! Take them all down and you will feel the glory! ...
Games mark: 9 (by 1 granted)
Played by: 4242 times
About the game: Dress Barbie so she feel as stylish as possible on the beach. Do not forget it is summer and it is hot outside. ...
Casino games
slotsGame: Slots
Games mark: 3.2 (by 107 granted)
Played by: 50553 times
About the game: Bet and spin the wheel pressing the ‘Spin’ key. If you have three similar elements, you win. When you decide that it is enough, save your score using the ‘Submit’ button. You can place a bet of 1 or 5 ...
rouletteGame: Roulette
Games mark: 9.39 (by 44 granted)
Played by: 40325 times
About the game: Bet the amount wanted, choose the numbers you want to place your bet on and click on the wheel. ...
Logic games
slider_maniaGame: Slider_mania
Games mark: 7.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 10162 times
hang_the_alienGame: Hang_the_alien
Games mark: 9.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 8908 times
Car games
starfallGame: Starfall
Games mark: 8.59 (by 73 granted)
Played by: 8908 times
f1_kartGame: F1_kart
Games mark: 9.26 (by 92 granted)
Played by: 91251 times
About the game: Car games. Use the arrows from the keyboard to participate in racing events and to avoid the cars you pass by. You are allowed to have two “accidents” at most ...
Jump Games
AviatorGame: Aviator
Games mark: 7.4 (by 5 granted)
Played by: 6880 times
About the game: Help the pilot to fly as further as possible. Avoid smartly the obstacles. Some of them will help you fly faster, but some are dangerous and kill the pilot. ...
Bowling-MasterGame: Bowling-Master
Games mark: 6.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 7792 times
About the game: Press the left button of the mouse and hold it as such to prepare your shot. The closer you get to the green light, the better the hit will be. ...
Strategy games
jaw_breakerGame: Jaw_breaker
Games mark: 9.17 (by 18 granted)
Played by: 7620 times
About the game: Click on groups with at least two balls of the same colour with the help of the left button of the mouse. The bigger the group the greater the points. The game ends when there are no balls of the same ...
hexxagonGame: Hexxagon
Games mark: 8.65 (by 37 granted)
Played by: 7625 times
About the game: The purpose of the game is to occupy as many squares as possible with your own players. Use the mouse to move the players on the deck. Click left on the player, the squares circled green are double, t ...
War games
7_11ufoGame: 7_11ufo
Games mark: 7.75 (by 51 granted)
Played by: 23486 times
About the game: Use the mouse – left click - to destroy the UFOs and to accumulate as many points as possible. Remember, you are competing with other players. ...
1992Game: 1992
Games mark: 7.85 (by 59 granted)
Played by: 40217 times
About the game: Destroy the enemy planes while trying to dodge the missiles launched by them. A dynamic game of skill and foresight. Controls: - arrow keys - to move the plane you navigate; - space - to launch the mi ...
Shooters games
halloween_lichGame: Halloween_lich
Games mark: 7.14 (by 22 granted)
Played by: 20665 times
About the game: Destroy the bombs launched by Fantomas using the left button of the mouse and accumulate as many points. ...
ArmySwatGame: ArmySwat
Games mark: 8.5 (by 2 granted)
Played by: 6238 times
About the game: A band of terrorists occupied the docks. Destroy them by shooting with the mouse and avoid the civilians ...
Miniclip games
flatoutGame: Flatout
Games mark: 7.69 (by 39 granted)
Played by: 46780 times
About the game: Push the button space when the arrow is near the points to have more speed. If you push the button when the arrow is not near the points the car will decrease in speed. The more you speed up,the furth ...
frisbeedogGame: Frisbeedog
Games mark: 8.91 (by 23 granted)
Played by: 19443 times
About the game: With the aid of the mouse cick left on the dog to make him jump and take the favourite food. The more you push the button the higher he will jump. You can move the dog left, right with the aid of the ...
Skill games
thevikingGame: Theviking
Games mark: 8.63 (by 8 granted)
Played by: 10048 times
balloon_shootGame: Balloon_shoot
Games mark: 8.45 (by 31 granted)
Played by: 21208 times
About the game: Shoot the balloons with the left button of the mouse and collect as many points. Game of skill. ...
Adult games
kwikshotGame: Kwikshot
Games mark: 8.63 (by 24 granted)
Played by: 15713 times
last_man_standingGame: Last_man_standing
Games mark: 7.45 (by 33 granted)
Played by: 6700 times
About the game: You are on the left part of the screen and you fight against the soldiers from the right. Controls: up down for the cannon shooting angle. Click launch and keep it pressed to obtain the shooting power ...
Games online
chickenGame: Chicken
Games mark: 8.4 (by 30 granted)
Played by: 24578 times
About the game: Eliminate as many hens as possible. You have to hurry, time is limited. ...
simonGame: Simon
Games mark: 6.67 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 12226 times
About the game: Follow Simon`s cues and click on the colors that light themselves, in the indicated order. Use the left mouse button. The score is given by the maximum number of consecutive clicks identical with thos ...
New games
m_memoryGame: M_memory
Games mark: 7.29 (by 7 granted)
Played by: 14587 times
About the game: Click two on the image and identify the same image. If you are wrong you lose one point. If you are right you get two points. Success. ...
ice-cream-blowoutGame: Ice-cream-blowout
Games mark: 7.92 (by 26 granted)
Played by: 14192 times
Golf games
247MiniGolfGame: 247MiniGolf
Games mark: 8.33 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 19727 times
About the game: The target of the game is the same as for any Golf game: to enter the golf ball into the 18 holes with a minimum number of shots. You earn points if you are fast and accurate. ...
Memory games
brainiacGame: Brainiac
Games mark: 8.55 (by 33 granted)
Played by: 38198 times
About the game: The goal of the game is to discover the hidden symbols and make them disappear when you find two consecutive identical ones. ...
mood_matchGame: Mood_match
Games mark: 8.78 (by 9 granted)
Played by: 7837 times
Free games
walking_botsGame: Walking_bots
Games mark: 8.43 (by 14 granted)
Played by: 15594 times
About the game: Launch bombs towards the enemies using the left button of the mouse before they get too close and destroy you. ...
sk8_prisonGame: Sk8_prison
Games mark: 6.29 (by 17 granted)
Played by: 6407 times
About the game: By using the keyboard`s arrows and “Space” which allows you to jump over obstacles, try to evade from the prison in which you have been thrown away unfairly. Stay away from all dangers lurking at each ...
Sudoku games
sudokuGame: Sudoku
Games mark: 7.3 (by 20 granted)
Played by: 12041 times
solingoGame: Solingo
Games mark: 7.45 (by 11 granted)
Played by: 21062 times
Card games
circlesGame: Circles
Games mark: 8.17 (by 12 granted)
Played by: 11857 times
About the game: Using the mouse, get across the black circles and try to avoid the red ones. More black circles touched mean more points. At your third strike, the game ends. ...
solitaireGame: Solitaire
Games mark: 9.15 (by 55 granted)
Played by: 12617 times
Tetris games
tetrix2Game: Tetrix2
Games mark: 9.87 (by 15 granted)
Played by: 7316 times
fruitdropGame: Fruitdrop
Games mark: 9.36 (by 22 granted)
Played by: 30112 times
About the game: The game is part of the “Tetris” class. In order to play, you must use the keyboard’s arrows.left and right arrow – to move from left to right, up arrow – to rotate and the left arrow – to make the fi ...
Classic games
flappyGame: Flappy
Games mark: 6.33 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 9909 times
Crazy-ChessGame: Crazy-Chess
Games mark: 8.67 (by 3 granted)
Played by: 6616 times
About the game: Chess, the mind game! You play it following the known rules ... if you do not already know them, learn and play! It`s worth playing! ...
Puzzle games
puzzle_paradiseGame: Puzzle_paradise
Games mark: 8.33 (by 6 granted)
Played by: 6701 times
puzzle_monkeyGame: Puzzle_monkey
Games mark: 8.57 (by 14 granted)
Played by: 6668 times
Billiard games
billiardGame: Billiard
Games mark: 8 (by 29 granted)
Played by: 8532 times
crazy-poolGame: Crazy-pool
Games mark: 8.96 (by 27 granted)
Played by: 7890 times
About the game: Left click on the white ball with the mouse, move the mouse in the opposite direction of the desired movement and release it. Hit the balls having the same color, so they disappear. Change the color o ...

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